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Light Industry at The Heights

Xcel Energy signs 1st purchase agreement for light industrial space at The Heights

  • Labor Pool. The Heights is in close proximity to a large labor pool, including 1,000 new housing units coming to the neighborhood.
  • Location. Light industrial businesses will be able to access the freeway within five minutes.
  • Land Subsidies. Potential land subsidies will be available for qualified buyers
  • District Stormwater. We anticipate buildings being connected to a district stormwater system.
  • EV car infrastructure. As electric car usage increases, it is important to prepared for the future with a sufficient number of electric car charging stations. EV infrastructure with charging stations will be a priority.
  • Public art. It’s important that light industrial buildings complement the surrounding residential neighborhoods. For this reason, businesses will be asked to participate in a curated, community-focused art program led by the Saint Paul Port Authority.

As an economic development agency, the Saint Paul Port Authority is committed to the highest and best use of land at The Heights. From a light industry perspective, it means finding buyers who want to be good neighbors, offer living wage jobs, and commit to pre-set sustainability requirements. Building covenants will require:

  • Building Size Requirements. The minimum building to land ratio is 35 percent.
  • Energy efficient buildings. Our goal is for buildings to be approximately 50 percent more efficient than the current building code.
  • Rooftop solar. The installation and operation of rooftop solar arrays is a key strategy to lower the carbon footprint at the Heights. The goal is to maximize to the 120 percent net metering cap.
  • Job growth. The Saint Paul Port Authority is committed to living wage job growth in the City of Saint Paul. As such, we require all businesses to report job data to ensure we meet our goal of 1,000 jobs at The Heights.
  • Job Density. There will be a minimum of 1 job per 1,000 square feet of building space.
  • Local Commitment. Incoming employers will be devoted to local hiring and living wages.
  • Subsidy Requirements. Businesses receiving land subsidies will enter into a 10-year community benefits agreement.

The Master Plan includes 50+ acres of light industrial zoning, as illustrated below (in purple).

If you are interested in light industrial space at The Heights, please complete the form below. This information will help us determine the best way to assist you.